How To Buy Human Growth Hormone: Choosing From The Four Basic HGH Types

If used correctly, HGH provides a very broad range of health benefits that include improved sleep, less depression, stronger muscles, greater lean muscles mass and stronger joints and bones. It can also expedite fat loss and help you get rid of stubborn visceral fat stores that are making your midsection look puffy and bloated. Best of all, it is one of the best anti-aging treatments on the market, which is why it’s currently being hailed as the fountain of youth. When you get ready to buy human growth hormone, however, you’ll find that there are many different types of HGH for sale. Finding the right one is absolutely critical for getting the specific range of improvements you seek. Following is a brief overview of the four basic types of human growth hormone for sale along with their recommended applications.

Injectable, Synthetic HGH

Much like its name implies, this type of HGH is not naturally derived. It is instead, synthetically manufactured to be as close to human growth hormone as possible. You won’t easily find this HGH for sale on the market given that it’s only available via prescription through a licensed physician. Injectable, synthetic HGH pills has a very high risk for overdose. Some of the common symptoms of excess use or overdose include gynecomastia (colloquially known as man boobs), insulin resistance and fluid retention. If you’re able to find an online seller with offers to buy HGH injectables, proceed with care. Make sure that the synthetic versions you’re considering are well-rated, unadulterated and reviewed as producing desirable results.  These products are also among the most costly options in human growth hormone for sale. As such, always be willing to spend enough money to get a quality product and never make price the sole point that you consider.

One thing to note about synthetic HGH injectables before you buy HGH is that these tend to be the most effective for use as performance enhancers. They’re definitely far more efficient than any oral HGH products currently on the market. Thus, while there are some risks associated with using them, maintaining a moderate dosing schedule and following the directions of the product manufacturer is often sufficient for mitigating them.

Homeopathic Versions Of HGH

With homeopathic HGH, people simply take very minute doses of HGH several times per day. This is meant to stimulate the body’s natural production of HGH. It has the least risk of side effects, but it is also believed to have the lowest overall level of efficacy. When you buy HGH that is specifically formulated to ramp up natural hormone production, you should know that the best application for these products is for overcoming moderate HGH deficiency, improving sleep hygiene or alleviate mild, deficiency-related depression. This is not the ideal HGH version for those who are looking to ramp up their bodybuilding routines, cut considerable amounts of fat or radically improve their athletic performance.

GHRH Or Growth Releasing Hormone Injections

Growth releasing hormone injections are relatively new and thus, they’re not yet backed by a tremendous amount of research. These work by causing the body to release more human growth hormone in the brain which in turn restores IGF-1 levels back to normal. These treatments are commonly performed as an anti-aging remedy among senior adults. They are very promising but not all that easy to find HGH supplement.

HGH Releasers (Hormone-Free)

Some people want all the benefits of using human growth hormone pills without having to actually put any synthetic hormones in their bodies. HGH releasers are ideal for these individuals. Althought these daily supplements do not contain any actual HGH, they prime the body for producing more of this powerful corticosteroid on its own. There is no need to consult with a doctor when using these products and there are not currently any reported side effects. If used by bodybuilders or athletes, however, it should be noted that these are far less potent and much less fast-acing than injectable synthetics.

Gains Lacking? Try These 4 Muscle Boosting Tips

If you are not seeing the gains that you expect to see in the mirror, first of all, remember that muscle growth is a slow process. If, however, you have been at it a while and have found that your body has basically closed up shop in the gains department, there are some ways to kick start the process again. From steroids to natural fixes, here are 4 hot tips for getting your body back on the wagon…

Start a Course of Steroids.

A steroid like a prohormone can help you to see more gains faster. However, it can also provide you with the stamina to complete longer, more difficult workouts. When taken as directed, steroids can be very safe for individuals who are in good health. You can typically find a prescription for steroids on the web pretty easily.

Overreach On Purpose… But Only for a Short While.

Over-training your body can have the reverse effect on your muscles. Instead of having time to heal and grow back stronger, if you are continually hitting the same muscle group, then you are only breaking your muscles down over and over. However, if you have stalled out while giving your body ample rest time with every session, you may want to try a trick used by old school builders. Over-train for three days straight, working the same muscle group twice a day. Once the three days is up, rest totally for 10 days. You will return stronger and your body will essentially reset itself.

Make Sure You Are Eating Enough Protein and Carbs.

Most people who think they are eating right… really are still not eating enough protein to support muscle growth. You should be eating .8 grams of protein per pound of your body weight. So while you don’t need to consume a full turkey every day, you do need to stay on top of your protein intake, ensuring to also fit in healthy carbs for fuel.

Mix Up Your Workout.

Lifting varying weight amounts can help to keep your muscles guessing. You should also be careful to mix up the order in which you do sets. For example, if you typically save dead lifts for after squats, reverse the order to see an improvement in gains.

When you stall out, try the simplest remedies first. If these do not work, move on to the next method. Often times, the solution is as simple as getting out of your typical everyday routine, focusing on a better, more complete diet and never getting too comfortable stuck in one set list.