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April Fools: “Power Rangers Samurai” movie script leaked

We at gaijINside are not content at letting Henshin Justice and others get all the exclusives. An unnamed source sent us the script for a two-part episode (that they’re hoping Nickelodeon will air as a movie) that features, let’s just say, some surprising cameos.

On a normal day of training, Wesley (with no mention of sushi, described alongside the others as in their “training uniforms”) mentions that he’s ready to take up the Red Ranger role if Jayden ever stepped down. Notably, Emily states there’s only one Red Ranger (with Jayden looking down suspiciously), until Mentor Ji steps up to correct them. He mentions that, beyond the Samurai Rangers, there have been other Rangers defending Earth, and even other planets.

Cut away to Deker (spelled “Decker” here in the script) wandering the woods (why do the loners always wander the woods?), until an explosion rocks the area. He looks over a cliff, and sees a “very realistic spacecraft for humans” having cratered. Deker gets close to look at the wreckage, but Uramasa begins to surge with red electricity. Deker holds the sword close to his head (“pulling off a horn, as it were”), as Uramasa flies out of his hands towards the spacecraft.

Deker drops to the ground, flashing red. He looks in a nearby puddle, and notices a burn mark on his forehead. He grabs and rips a red piece of fabric off his clothing, and ties it into a headband.

He stands up, and turns to the camera. His goatee is now gone, and he looks noticeably nicer than before. The script reads

I need to get in touch with the Power Rangers!

as the title cuts to “Power Rangers Samurai: The Movie“.

The Rangers continue their training, until the Nighlok Sensor goes off. Mentor Ji brings up the map, pointing out that there’s multiple Nihloks out in the woods. Jayden finds it odd that Nighloks would be attacking an area free of civilians, and thinks it might be a trap. He tells Wesley to stay behind, in case they’re planning something.

Dayuu has two Nighloks, Firewheel and Toolbox, searching in the forest. Firewheel wishes to “burn it to the ground” to find what he’s looking for, while Toolbox states that he hates nature. The Nighloks find Cole, hiding behind a tree. Dayuu calls him “Deker”, but Cole backs away yelling “Orgs!”. He reaches for his Growl Phone, but can’t find it, and without Uramasas on hand, has no weapons to defend himself with. He then throws off his heavy layers and proceeds to use “jungle karate” (as the script states) to fight the monsters, but it’s a losing battle. He gets thrown into the side of the space ship, as the door opens.

Dramatically, three Power Rangers step out. The script describes them as “A red, golden horned Ranger, a pink Ranger with X on his chest, and a blue Ranger with a gun.”

Ladies and gentlemen, Kamen Rider Kuuga, Decade, and DiEnd are now Power Rangers.

Cole looks at the Rangers and backs up behind them, mumbling “I was looking for the Power Rangers Samurai, but you guys’ll do.”

The Red Ranger (Kuuga) states that he’s “looking for the Power Rangers Samurai as well, but the Power Rangers of Edenoi are more than willing to help.” He leaps into battle and fights the Nighloks, as the Pink Ranger (Decade) pulls his sword out and runs into battle. Cole looks at the Blue Ranger (DiEnd), who hasn’t moved or said anything. When Cole asks him why he hasn’t helped them out, he looks down to see Uramasa in his left hand (with his “Card Blaster” in his right). Blue Ranger hits him with the butt of Uramasa, and transforms into “Uramasa Ranger” with the sword going into him (monstrous DiEnd, apparently). Uramasa Ranger, as a note, has the same voice that Deker had (with Cole using his normal talking voice).

The five Samurai Rangers join the battle, with Kevin stating “Anyone who’s against Dayuu is with us!”, with the girls and Pink Ranger attacking Dayuu, Kevin attacking Uramasa Ranger, Mike attacking Toolbox, and Jayden joining the Red Edenoi Ranger in attacking Firewheel. Dayuu declares a quick retreat, stating that “The Rangers now have Uramasa!”. At the same time, Uramasa Ranger jumps out of the woods. Mike looks down at the unconscious Cole, and wonders aloud why the Nighloks would leave Deker here.

Jayden and the others demorph, and reach a hand out to the alien Red Ranger, saying “Looks like Mentor was right, and there are other Rangers. Thanks for the help.” The Red Ranger looks at the hand and then looks up at Jayden. “You are the Power Rangers Samurai, aren’t you? We need to talk.” Jayden responds that they can talk back at their place, and he can lead the way. Kevin uses his Symbol Power to tie Cole up with plants, and him and Mike carry him with. The Pink Edenoi Ranger looks at the girls and apologizes for his Red Ranger’s attitude. Mia’s just shocked that this Pink Ranger is male; he responds with “I was surprised Earth’s Pink Ranger was a girl”.

Back at the base, Mentor notices one of the monsters, supposedly Deker, has jumped to the city. Wesley runs out to fight him. All the Rangers return, seconds after Wesley has left. Mentor tells him that he’s left to fight Deker, but the Rangers reveal that Deker’s with them. Mentor offers to watch Deker, but asks who the new Rangers are. Red Edenoi Ranger states that “We’ll talk in a bit, but once a Ranger, always a Ranger” as he runs off to fight alongside Wesley. The Pink Edenoi Ranger remarks that there’s never a dull moment with him, and the remaining six Rangers race off to battle.

The Uramasa Org-posessed Blue Ranger of Edenoi faces off against Gold Samurai Ranger Wesley. The main five Samurai Rangers arrive to fight, but Uramasa summons two Nighloks (not named in the script, but likely to be the Eagle Undead and Moose Fangire) out of Blue Ranger Card Blaster. AD mentions that the Pink Edenoi Ranger tells Jayden that the Uramasa Ranger is really their Ranger, and they need to break the curse that this sword has put on him. When the battle escalates, he summons the “White Edenoi Ranger” (Kamen Rider Blade?) out of the Card Blaster. The Rangers ask how he can do that, and the Red Edenoi Ranger points out that “as you Earth Rangers can summon powers with their Samurai Symbols, we Edenoi Rangers can summon allies with cards”. Pink, Gold, and Green Rangers defeat one monster, as Blue, Yellow, and Red Edenoi defeat the other. Pink Edenoi and Red Samurai continue to fight Uramasa Ranger and White Edenoi Ranger. Pink Ranger then declares that he needs to get stronger, and yells “Battlizer!” as he goes to a new form (presumably Decade Complete).

He runs alongside Jayden, and says that he’s going to one up his Blue Ranger ally by summoning Battlized White Ranger (Blade’s upgraded form), which he manages to attack the copied White Ranger with. He then transforms the White Ranger into a sword that flies into Jayden’s hand, stating that he’d “like to borrow the Fire Smasher”, which he summons with a card. They both attack Uramasa Ranger who falls in an explosion (much like the Japanese footage), but he gets up and jumps away, without the other eight Rangers able to follow. The White Ranger sword disappears (alongside the Fire Smasher).

Jayden and the Samurai Rangers demorph, and Jayden states that they really need to talk. Cut to the base, where Mentor is comically holding a Spin Sword to Cole/Deker (who still lays unconscious) in fear. The two Edenoi Rangers are still morphed, and call “Power down!” to no avail. Emily asks why they can’t power down, and Red states they’re morphers must have been damaged in the crash. Red finally reveals the reason why him and his two allies traveled to Earth; Edenoi was under attack by an alien race known as the War Stars, and a branch of the War Stars were headed to Earth. They left “the other Power Rangers” to defend the planet, and ventured out to warn the Rangers of Earth. Edenoi Red asks where the rest of the Rangers are, and why Cole is powerless, pointing to the unconscious individual.

Kevin corrects him, stating that “It’s Deker, one of our greatest enemies”. Edenoi Pink states “No, that’s Cole Evans, the Wild Force Red Ranger.”


Kevin uses Symbol Power to splash Cole with water, waking him up. A startled Cole realizes he’s amongst friends, and tells them “Power Rangers! I need your help; an ancient Org named Uramasa was attacking the Animarium and… I think something happened.” Mike lets him free of the vines, and states that “We’ve been fighting you for months. You call your sword Uramasa, and you’ve been Jayden’s rival”.

Jayden, conflicted, uses Symbol Power “reflect” to show everyone the history of Cole to see what happened. Clips of Wild Force are to be played here, along with new footage of Cole fighting an unseen monster. No description of the suit; probably planning to use the eyeball monster that gets DiEnd’s gun. Cole is shown falling and demorphing (in his classic Wild Force attire) in sync with the monster, who turns into the Uramasa sword. Cole uses it to help stand up, and turns into Deker. The Symbol Power disappears erratically. Cole says that’s the last thing he remembers, and the Samurai Rangers offer to help him fill in the rest. While they catch him up, the Edenoi Rangers state that they need to check on their crashed ship and look for their lost ally, with Wesley telling them to get in touch with them if they find anything.

Edenoi Red (yes, they never actually name the Rangers) is checking on the crashed ship when Dayuu, Toolbox, and Firewheel attack. At the same time, Edenoi Pink tracks down Uramasa Ranger to the city, in which a short fight ensues (where Edenoi Pink calls upon “Rail Ranger” [Den-O?]) to attack, but Uramasa Ranger dodges and escapes.

Firewheel, Dayuu, and Toolbox are beating down on Edenoi Red, who dives into the ship and accesses it’s communications systems. He patches a call into Samuraizers, with the Rangers actively finishing up with “… and that’s the last we saw of you” to Cole. The Rangers and Cole run off to the fight, with Cole stating “I may not have my powers anymore, but I’m still a Ranger.”

Edenoi Pink and the Samurai Rangers all arrive at the same time to the edge of the woods to find Edenoi Red tackling Firewheel. He yells for them to escape, it was a trap he fell for. Firewheel “goes nuclear”, or he would have, if this wasn’t scratched out with a note to change (possibly because of Japan?). Either way, Firewheel goes inferno and burns down the forest with the Rangers and everyone in it. Dayuu and Toolbox hide in a crevice. From an aerial shot, Dayuu and Toolbox appear out of the crevice and walk towards an exhausted Firewheel and a fallen Red Edenoi Ranger, with the Samurai Rangers, Cole, and Pink Edenoi seemingly gone. Uramasa Ranger sees the fireball from the city, and sneaks through a crevice to the battle.

Dayuu, Toolbox, and Firewheel see Uramasa Ranger, with Dayuu saying that he showed up too late. A rocky explosion reveals the unmorphed Rangers having hid under a rock defense that Mike put up before the blast. Edenoi Pink is shown to be “a normal human, with a crystal on his forehead.” Mia tries not to stare at the male Pink Ranger, who laughs it off. Dayuu calls for Moogers (who show up through the cracks of the Earth), and Uramasa Ranger states he wants to try calling a few grunts that “the Machine Empire once used”. He shoots his gun into the air, firing out a Grinder (the grunts from Power Rangers RPM) army.

Weakened, Uramasa Ranger drops to a knee, stating that he didn’t expect that creating an army out of thin air would drain him this much. He begins to split into Blue Edenoi and the eyeball monster, with Blue Edenoi demorphing (much like Pink, he has a crystal on his forehead). The eyeball monster states that he’ll wait to see who the strongest will be, and runs off.

Firewheel looks down at Red Edenoi, and states that “While they may be down one ally, the Rangers are down one too” as he reaches down for an attack. Cole leaps from behind the unmorphed Rangers and tackles him down, despite the Samurai Rangers protests. He looks down at Red Edenoi, who demorphs. He tells Cole that “you were once the Red Ranger, and you will be again. Beware the War Star army…”. Blue and Pink Edenoi run to their fallen Ranger, who disappears into energy before they can reach him. Cole says that he’s sorry for their loss, until a ringtone is heard in his pocket. He reaches in his pocket to find a new Growl Phone glowing.

Dayuu comments that they’ve taken down one Ranger today, might as well add nine more. All the Rangers regroup in a lineup, saying that they’ll avenge him. “Go Go Samurai”, “Wild Access!”, and “Rangers of Edenoi, full power!” lead the six Samurai Rangers, Wild Force Red, and Edenoi Pink and Blue to line up. Edenoi Blue comments that they still need more, and fires off cards summoning “The Power Rangers RPM, the Rangers fated to destroy the last remnants of the Machine Empire.”

16 Rangers proceed to fight the combined forces of Moogers and Grinders, Toolbox and Firewheel. Notes mention they need new footage of Wild Force Red and the Edenoi Rangers fighting. Cole hears an unknown voice, telling him that he’s not using his powers to their fullest, and look within. Cole focuses (with a shot from within his helmet), and realizes the true power he’s been given. He proceeds to rapidly change from Wild Force Red to Ninja Storm Red to DinoThunder Red to SPD Red to Mystic Force Red to Ranger-X, able to access any and all Red Ranger powers. Edenoi Blue states that “No, he can’t be the morphin’ master!”, while Edenoi Pink mentions that he “likes the X motif”.

Ranger X proceeds to transform into Mystic Red and Wild Force Red for attacks through the crowd, and finally transforms Mighty Morphin’ Red to defeat Firewheel. As he returns to Ranger-X and looks proud at his accomplishment, Octaroo shows up, wishing to ambush “this new Ranger”, but a blast past his bow causes him to look up at… well, they’re not named, but listed as “a new team of Power Rangers”, who’s Red Ranger declares that “If you’re not War Star, our fight isn’t with you… but we’re not going to let you get involved in theirs”.


Toolbox says he’s had enough of this, and therefore grows to full size. The RPM Rangers disappear into the ether, and the Samurai Rangers call upon their folding zords to form “Samurai Ultrazord”. Dayuu starts to run away from battle and sees Octaroo and the other team of Rangers. Declaring the battle over, she suggests they escape. The two Edenoi Rangers combine their powers to call upon the “RPM Ultrazord”.

The script goes barebones here, stating that the Rangers win a battle on the moon by using all available RPM and Samurai Zords. Anyone know if this is how normal Megazord battles are “scripted”?

As Ranger-X sits on Earth watching the fight from space, the eyeball monster shows up, declaring him to be the strongest one around again. The mysterious team of Rangers watch as Ranger-X fights him to a standstill, until the monster uses his eyeball power to look inside Cole and pull out the Growl Phone, throwing it off to the side. Cole demorphs, and the eyeball monster jumps into him as Cole cries “No!”. He returns to his Deker form with Uramasa at his side, and walks off from the battlefield. The camera pans down to the Growl Phone on the ground, as the mysterious Red Ranger picks it up.

The Rangers reunite in the training field of of the Samurai Rangers, and say their goodbyes. They need to go back to Edenoi to regroup and continue the fight, having both warned the Samurai Rangers of the oncoming War Stars, and having lost one of their own. When Emily (in one of her few lines) wonders aloud what happened to Cole, the mysterious team of Rangers steps out from behind the building, holding out the Growl Phone to the Edenoi Rangers. Edenoi Blue mentions that he must have fallen under control of that Org once again. Edenoi Pink talks to Mia, saying that he’d “really” love to stay, but they have to go. The alien Rangers are beamed up into a similar looking ship to the one that the Edenoi Rangers crash landed in, and fly off. Kevin looks up and states that he can’t believe there are more Rangers out in space, while Mike mentions he didn’t know there were that many Red Rangers. Jayden looks down at the comment of the amount of Red Rangers, but smiles and states that “maybe we’ll see them again.”

Mentor Ji comments “if we only knew their names.”


So, thoughts? We’d love to scan it, but our scanner is down, and our source didn’t give us a digital copy. This “movie” looks to be two episodes stitched together, and oddly enough, apparently uses no Shinkenger series footage. They’ve found an interesting way to integrate the Kamen Rider Decade footage featuring the Samurai Rangers, alongside the movie footage from Samurai Sentai Shinkenger VS. Go-Onger, and even going back to Boukenger VS. Super Sentai. Additionally, it looks like Saban might be wanting to spread the universe again, and set seeds for the Goseiger (and Gokaiger?) adaptations?

What do you think? Did you really get this far without realizing that it’s April Fool’s Day?

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