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Live From Anime Weekend Atlanta: Toonami 1997-2008

From the floor of Anime Weekend Atlanta, I’m both glad and saddened to be the one breaking the news. Tonight’s Toonami will be the final. Anime will be shuffled off, with Adult Swim still apparently acquiring some, and Action will be a Friday Night/Saturday Morning thing. The Toonami people have been shuffled off to different departments of CN, and Jetstream will air for the forseeable future, but the Toonami we know is gone as of tonight.

Naruto has 15 more episodes to go over, and there’s no word on another season. No word, also, where it will air after Toonami.

In other CN news, they’re working on a Ben 10 Alien Force live-action movie, could air Powerpuff Girls Z at some point.

Cartoon Network is running late, but…

Powerpuff Girls Z may be coming late this year or early next.

Pretty big announcement about Toonami coming tonight. (One of the heads of AWA mentioned Toonami would air for the last time tonight, but wasn’t clear if he was joking) edit- someone asked, and he reiterated to watch Toonami tonight for an announcement.

Edit- Toonami, as we know it is gone. The team is going to other parts of CN, anime will be mostly handled by AS, and action on Friday nights. Toonami is gone for ratings. Jetstream will be active.

S&P looked at Elfin Lied.. too much.

“No comment” on Naruto Shippunden airing.

Old School AS Friday won’t last long.

Code Geass is not doing well at all. Watch Shin-Chan and reruns of FMA.

FusionFall in January, beta testing now.

Naruto- S&P has 15 more episodes, and “wait and see” on second series. No word on where it goes without Toonami.

CN is airing Gotham Knight and New Frontier, working on a Ben 10 Alien Force live action movie.

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